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Lakers unveil new court for NBA in-season tournament

The court will drastically look different for the Lakers during the NBA in-season tournament matchups.

Photo via Lakers/Twitter
Photo via Lakers/Twitter

For the first time, the NBA will host an in-season tournament with all 30 teams competing to reach the championship game happening in Las Vegas on December 9. This is the league's attempt to spice up the regular season and improve the quality of play by re-igniting the player's competitive spirit.

The NBA has tried to create buzz and excitement with this tournament by unveiling the six different groups and creating this incredible advertisement starring Michael Imperioli, best known as Christopher Moltisant, in the hit HBO show The Sopranos. The video shows Imperoli breaking down "The Heist," featuring NBA stars executing said heist in an Ocean's Eleven vibe.

With games beginning in early November, the NBA has one more treat for fans to differentiate the in-season tournament games from the rest of the regular season matchups: a new court.

Here's what the Lakers will play on during their first home game versus Memphis on November 14.

Oh, and the other 29 teams have new courts as well, I guess.

The NBA is always looking to make changes to spark interest, whether it's changing the All-Star format, creating ugly City Edition jerseys, or adding Conference Finals MVP awards. Nothing stays the same and the NBA has given this inaugural tournament its full support.

Court design, like jersey design, is all about aesthetics and taste. Some will say it looks ugly and some will love a new design that feels fresh. Personally, I'm here for the new-look courts. For the casual fan, It will make it clear something is different about this game and for the die-hards, it'll help signify that this game matters.

The results are unknown for the NBA in-season tournament. Will it soon become a fan favorite and we'll wonder how we lived without it? Or will we quickly axe it like the NBA did with the new All-Star Game format?

Either way, Arena will have a fresh look for a couple of games in November and we'll see if the players bring a newfound energy to these games or if it will just be another one of 82.

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