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Kendrick Perkins showcases great understanding of basketball, says Lakers should trade for James Harden

No, the Lakers should not trade for James Harden. We can’t keep doing this.

Philadelphia 76ers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Despite my compelling, informative and detailed argument as to why the Lakers shouldn’t trade for James Harden, that did not completely extinguish the notion of making a move for him.

Granted, the latest — and really only — person to link Harden and the Lakers is Kendrick Perkins. While he might be a funny person and a good teammate, his basketball analysis is pretty atrocious, and that’s using the word analysis liberally.

It’s rare when he offers much in the way of credible insight akin to a JJ Redick, Tim Legler or even a Richard Jefferson. And that proved to be the case in this instance as he spoke about why the Lakers should trade for Harden on ESPN’s NBA Today show.

I will not be adding any sort of insight into why this doesn’t make sense. I’ve made that case already and spoken about it as much as I’m willing to.

Logistically, it can’t even happen until Dec. 15. And the Lakers already have a guard under contract who disappeared in the playoffs. Why would they want to trade for a different one that also worsens the chemistry of the team? You can fault D’Lo for many things but he’s a great vibes guy which this team sorely needed after two years of Russell Westbrook.

But yeah James Harden will create so many open jumpers for Anthony Davis. He’ll also have lots of open jumpers in the playoffs he won’t take or make either.

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