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Austin Reaves says it was a ‘cool moment’ being featured on media day with Anthony Davis, LeBron James

Austin Reaves continues to have many cool moments in his brief career, including being in a Big Three picture with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on media day.

2023-24 Los Angeles Lakers Media Day Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

From playing for Team USA this summer to becoming a perennial Lakers starter and even being linked to Taylor Swift, Austin Reaves has had an improbable rise in popularity and stardom in Los Angeles.

When speaking with Mirin Fader of the Ringer, Austin discussed another ‘cool moment’ he had in being part of a big three picture with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on media day.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis, with 27 All-Star appearances combined, walked in front of a white backdrop, getting ready to take a photo together. Then a cameraman called upon Reaves, a third-year guard who went undrafted out of Oklahoma two summers ago, and signaled for him to join in.

Reaves tried not to crack a smile but admits the significance of the moment was a bit overwhelming. James and Davis didn’t even flinch at the idea that Reaves belonged in the picture. He was no longer fighting just to make it in the NBA. He had arrived. He was undeniably a member of the Lakers’ Big Three.

“I can’t lie,” Reaves says now, on a Tuesday evening in October. “It was a cool moment for me.”

Media day is a “back to school” moment for the players. They take pictures, answer questions about their summer and produce content fans will see at games throughout the season. Ideally, you want a boring media day, not one filled with salacious quotes or tension in the air due to trade rumors or a player demanding a trade.

The Lakers not only had an uneventful media day but one where one of their key players was excited to be part of a photo with the team’s two biggest stars. This kind of chemistry and camaraderie is needed for winning basketball and it’s excellent that Reaves still has that child-like wonder at something as inconsequential as taking a group picture with James and Davis.

The Lakers have tried winning with James multiple ways, with a co-star and a deep squad, and three stars during the Russell Westbrook era. Reaves might not have the cache and explosive athletic ability of a Westbrook, but this fit works, led to postseason success last season and Reaves is focused on getting a ring with James this season.

Truly, the vibes are immaculate for the purple and gold heading into the year.

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