Adding some lasers and familiar faces to this squad

With LAL keeping within striking distance of the play-in and being just 3 games back of the 6 seed, this team can add some offensive firepower and athleticism:

1) Lakers get REAL shooters in Clarkson and Beasley, while Kuzma upped his game in real way in WSH. This trade will give the LAL a real playoff rotation (Schroder-Clarkson-LeBron-Kuz-AD starters, with Reeves-Beasley-Walker-Bryant off the bench), with younger and/or in prime players, instead of trading for vets like Bogdanovich

2) Heat finally get the stretch 4 they needed for the last 5 years - 2 firsts is a fair price for a potential All Star, especially since they get rid of Robinson's deal (Taj Gibson is headed here for salary matching, though I think he fits perfectly in MIA)

3) WSH gets 2 picks (unprotected from MIA and a protected from Jazz) and a reclamation project in Robinson - though the contract is very bad and WSH will most likely ask for more

4) Jazz gets 3 (!) firsts while sending out a protected first they got for Royce O'Neal

So, what do you guys think? MIA seems to get the best deal and WSH may need more for trading Kuz and taking back a longer deal, but overall, I think this is a plausible trade

PS I know how every team needs to trade with other 3 according to NBA rules, which is usually dealt via trading cash and/or some conditional picks (like top-55 protected second rounders). Also, LAL will need to cut at least one player

PPS LAL will still have Pat Bev and Nunn along with a potentially good CHI second rounder (along with other extra second rounders they have) to trade for a wing like Terence Ross or Josh Richardson