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NBA’s Last Two Minute Report says exactly what you think it says about Lakers-Celtics game

LeBron James was fouled on his potential game-winning layup against the Celtics on Saturday, the NBA confirmed in their Last Two Minute Report.

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NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

To the surprise of literally nobody, the NBA admitted — in multiple ways — that they got it wrong on LeBron James’ game-winning layup attempt against the Celtics on Saturday.

The league’s Last Two Minute Report confirmed it was an incorrect non-call on the Lakers star, as Jayson Tatum should have been called for a foul.

Don’t worry, though, guys. The refs will have sleepless nights thinking about the missed call.

While the Last Two Minute Report lays it out clearly, the NBA’s verdict came in well before Sunday’s regular report as the league contacted the Lakers on Saturday night to inform them they screwed up.

Predictably, the Lakers were rightfully upset about the non-call that literally cost them the game. LeBron James was as animated as he’s ever been on the court at the end of regulation. Patrick Beverley picked up the greatest technical in basketball history. And Anthony Davis flat-out said the Lakers were cheated.

The anger on Saturday wasn’t just from the Celtics game, though, but a culmination of a number of critical, game-deciding calls going against the Lakers in the last month. For those that have lost track:

There are plenty of arguments to make about the Lakers being better and not putting themselves into a position to have the refs determine the outcome of the game and they’d have weight to them. But the fact is, these are four games in which the officials made the wrong call and directly impacted the outcome of the game.

The players shouldn’t have to account for that when playing a game. There shouldn’t be a calculation of “Well we need to be even more ahead for when the officials screw up again.”

Four games are the difference between the Lakers being 23-27, as they currently are, or 27-23 and in the fourth seed in the Western Conference. In a playoff race with little margin for error, the Lakers are having multiple results taken out of their hands.

It’s understandable, then, for them to express a certain level of frustration on Saturday as it continues to happen over and over again. And the most frustrating part is that those responsible for the calls aren’t being punished. The officials continue to make these mistakes, the league continues to tell fans “Whoops, sorry!” and then nothing else changes.

Lakers-Celtics is the marquee rivalry historically in the league. It was placed on primetime on a Saturday night. And the biggest talking point from the game is the officiating. It should be a point of embarrassment for the league.

But instead, we get this Last Two Minute Report and another instance of what should have been this season.

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