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Discussion Thread for Non Lakers Games: Weekend of January 21st-22

Come here to discuss this weekend's games!!!

Indiana Pacers v Phoenix Suns
These two could have been on each others teams this past summer.
Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

Good Morning everyone. Hope everyone is doing well this weekend. Any exciting plans aside from basketball this weekend? That being said here is the weekend’s games.

January 21st

Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors at 5:00 PM ET

Orlando Magic vs Washington Wizards at 7:00 PM ET

Charlotte Hornets vs Atlanta Hawks at 7:30 PM ET

Milwaukee Bucks vs Cleveland Cavaliers at 7:30 PM ET

Houston Rockets vs Minnesota Timberwolves at 8:00 PM ET

Indiana Pacers vs Phoenix Suns at 9:00 PM ET

Philadelphia 76ers vs Sacramento Kings at 10:00 PM ET

January 22nd

LA Clippers vs Dallas Mavericks at 2:30 PM ET

New Orleans Pelicans vs Miami Heat at 3:30 PM ET

New York Knicks vs Toronto Raptors at 6:00 PM ET

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Denver Nuggets at 8:00 PM ET

Memphis Grizzlies vs Phoenix Suns at 8:00 PM ET

Brooklyn Nets vs Golden State Warriors on NBA TV at 8:30 PM ET

All these games are on NBA League Pass and locally unless otherwise noted.

Games I am interested this weekend are the Wizards vs Magic. I admit I haven’t watched as much Magic B-Ball this season aside from little tidbits of games. So Kuz, Beal and KP versus Bancharo, Fultz, and Mo Bamba should be a good watch. Pacers vs Suns. Turner vs Ayton. A what if in the making if the Suns didn’t match Ayton. Also the Pacers are lapping expectations while the Suns are setting in the standings. Should be fun.

On Sunday Luka vs the Clippers. Luka always plays well versus the Clippers. He has so many 40 point games versus the Clippers. He has 9. Will this be his 10th? Pelicans vs Heat. Any game where the Pelicans don’t win will help our pick swap with the Pelicans. Heat beat the Pelicans 124-98 recently so I am sure that will be in play for both teams. Finally of course the Lakers vs TrailBlazers at the end of the night.

Conversation Rules

Please remember our Game Day thread guidelines.

Don’t troll in your comments; create conversation rather than destroying it.

Out of respect to broadcast partners who have paid to carry the game, no mentions of “alternative” (read: illegal) viewing methods are allowed in our threads.

Anything else goes.

Have at it in the comments for this week’s slate of games!

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