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Welcome to The Lakers Lounge

Silver Screen & Roll is hosting a weekly live show where listeners can stop by and play a more active role than ever before.

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Seasons like the one the Lakers are currently trudging through require various means of coping. Whether it’s group texts with friends, hopping in our comments to yell at me for once again demanding the front office commit to winning, firing off a few tweets, alcohol or whatever, getting through the number of absolutely brutal losses we’ve had to watch can’t be done alone.

So, with that in mind, we are here to offer another release valve, if you’re so interested.

For a short while, we had our weekly conversations on Spaces. They were fine and I enjoyed the back-and-forth nature of it, but to offer a quick look behind the curtain, they were absolutely dreadful to try to edit to a place where the audio quality wasn’t outright embarrassing. Add to that Twitter’s current instability and it just wasn’t practical to continue on with that project, but we still missed that kind of interaction.

Initially, the Lakers Lounge was going to continue on as a roundtable of sorts for all the hosts on the podcast network. That’s still going to be the case as we’ll have rotating participants in the conversation from the feed, but we also figured The Lounge could be a little more than that.

So here’s where you enter. Over the last few weeks, we’ve soft-launched the concept of listeners coming on stage for the live video show (and then also appearing in podcast form, obviously). So far, it’s been a blast — significantly better than it ever was on Spaces. Now that we’ve worked out some of the kinks, we think we can officially open The Lounge up to everyone.

From here on out, every Thursday, I’m going to write a quick preview of that night’s Lounge, complete with how and where to watch, depending on your preferred platform. Schedules permitting, we’ll go live every week at 6 p.m. Pacific and, once we do, I’ll drop a link both on my personal Twitter and in the comments of these posts that will take you to a green room. While you’re in that green room, I’ll bring people on stage in the order they arrived and these spots will fill up quickly, so you’ll want to jump in as soon as you can (and make sure you enable your microphone!)

So far, these have been an absolute blast. Guests have come in with great questions, takes and even orca facts. So let’s keep this thing rolling, come hang out, and grab a drink together. Every week, we’ll commiserate over the most recent devastating loss, hope for a trade together or, even better, celebrate the Lakers somehow figuring their shit out!

No matter what, we’ll do it together. See you tonight.

You can listen to and watch the full episode below, and to make sure you never miss a show, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Podcasts.

And for a short-form recap pod, check out Lakers Lowdown, in which Anthony Irwin recaps the previous day’s news and gets you ready for the day ahead in LakerLand, every weekday morning on the Silver Screen & Roll Podcast feed.

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