3-team trade for Russ

After the Lakers couldn't participate in the UTA-NY trade, I think there is only one option left to trade Russ, while mainting cap flexibility next summer - 3 team trade with Indiana and Jazz.

In this scenario:

1) Jazz get Russ and two picks from LAL (2029 should be protected at least top-5, which then turns into 2029 second rounder)

2) IND get Markanen (white dude with upside, always a target)

3) LAL get Bojan, Turner and Beasley. Nunn can be included here to Jazz, as LAL has too many small guards as is, and Beasley adds to it. I personnaly think Conley is a better player and fit, but his contract is 14 mil guarenteed nex summer and he is very injury prone.

One complication - Markanen can't be aggregated with other players in a trade till Oct 30, but LAL can simply get him from Jazz and trade him straight up fpr Turner in a separate deal. What do you think guys?