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Buy or Sell: The Patrick Beverley press conference

Patrick Beverley and Darvin Ham were trying to sell a very specific vision for the Lakers when the team introduced their new guard. Should Laker fans buy it?

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Since the season ended, it feels like Laker fans have been sold on a transformational summer, an offseason that would reshape a roster that absolutely did not get the job done in 2021-22.

And yet, the roster that the Lakers are currently bringing into training camp (with the obvious caveat that about three weeks still remain until then) doesn’t feel much improved from last year’s team. All of the positive players from the 2021-22 crew remain, with the potential exception of Malik Monk, but the Lakers haven’t added much value, at least not enough to swing the team’s fortunes by 16 or so wins.

To add insult to injury, as the team trots out a similarly talented lineup, the public messaging is that the Lakers will not repeat the same mistakes as last year. They will bring the requisite effort to win and hold each other accountable, as if Frank Vogel and his staff didn’t have the same mindset before Vogel was let go in April.

When Patrick Beverley, the lone value-add for this year’s team, was introduced Wednesday, many of the same talking points popped up again. The Lakers have so much talent and will be a matchup nightmare for any team they face in the postseason. Beverley is the kind of veteran who can speak hard truths to his teammates. Darvin Ham will coax Russell Westbrook to perform on the defensive end. Maybe Westbrook didn’t get along with Beverley in the past, but they can move past it.

That spiel sounds a lot like 2021 with a few different names plugged in: DeAndre Jordan and a litany of other vets were supposed to speak the hard truths, Vogel would stake his reputation on getting Westbrook to buy in defensively, and Rajon Rondo was the guard who Westbrook had previously beefed with.

Nothing about this offseason has felt transformational, or even a significant upgrade. The Lakers are running in place while selling a vision of change. On this week’s episode of “I Love Basketball”, Raj and Sabreena break down all the takeaways from Beverley’s presser and mostly try to figure out if fans should be buying the Lakers’ accounts of this summer.

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