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Jeanie Buss says she’s been advised not to comment on Bronny James

While everyone else is enjoying talking about the possibility of LeBron James and his son Bronny teaming up in the NBA, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has had to express restraint.

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For the better part of the last year, everything about LeBron James’ future has been shaded in one specific way. Multiple times, LeBron has stated his desire to play with his son, Bronny, in the coming years. Given the fact he’s a cyborg, it’s a matter of where, not if.

The Lakers securing LeBron for the foreseeable future should allow him to line up his next destination with his eldest son’s, should he also make it to the NBA. The incredible amount of possibilities led to everyone debating what-if scenarios throughout the summer, like how high a team would draft Bronny if they knew LeBron came with him.

Well, not everyone.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss sat down with Sam Amick of The Athletic in a piece published on Tuesday and was asked about LeBron’s future with the Lakers and how Bronny’s potential entry into the league would impact that. Her answer was more of a non-answer, mainly because she’s not permitted to talk about Bronny.

First of all, I’ve been warned that I can’t talk about an underage player or a player that is, you know, part of the (amateur level), so I don’t want to ruin anybody else’s eligibility or cause any problems like that. (But) LeBron is a very passionate person, and he wants to be put in a position where he can succeed.

The Lakers have had their run-ins with tampering violations in the past, though those came under the Magic Johnson-led front office. While funny, it’s understandable that the franchise is probably still on high alert to avoid further tampering fines with largely the same regime in the front office.

At the same time, the NCAA, at times, seems to be searching out ways to punish student-athletes and typically rather harshly so. There is an aspect of the Lakers trying to not do Bronny wrong as well.

But ultimately, this situation is kind of funny that the Lakers and Jeanie were prepped for the possibility of questions about Bronny. And this likely won’t be the last time it’s brought up with multiple years to go before Bronny could even join the league.

So kudos to the Lakers for being prepared and avoiding an awkward situation while also giving us some rather funny quotes — truly the perfect offseason content.

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