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Jeanie Buss excited to watch LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kendrick Nunn this year

In speaking about the upcoming season, Jeanie Buss expressed excitement to see LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Kendrick Nunn on the court... without mentioning another notable player.

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Oklahoma City Thunder v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Very little about last season’s Los Angeles Lakers was exciting, especially as the season wore on. The offseason, though, brings with it inherent excitement of what could be on the horizon for an upcoming season. Whether it’s a new coach, a new roster or players developing new skills, fans spend the offseason dreaming of “what if” for each season.

Turns out, Jeanie Buss is no different.

In an interview with Tyler R. Tynes of GQ on Wednesday, Jeanie spoke of excitement for the upcoming season, though there was a particularly notable omission of things she’s excited about:

We changed coaches, so that’s a new voice. And we are continuing to, hopefully, stay injury-free. We want to see Anthony Davis stay on the floor and be healthy the whole season. And when you have Anthony and LeBron, there’s a lot of great things that can happen. But you have to have a supporting cast of players that can fill roles and also stay injury free. We have Kendrick Nunn coming back after missing last season, and a lot of young players that…I can name names, but until we see how they play there really isn’t…we have to give Darvin Ham all of the time and resources he needs to put the team together to see how they move forward.

What a wild turnaround it’s been over the last year for Russell Westbrook. Last year, Jeanie, like Lakers fans, was expressing all sorts of excitement and professing that fans would go “cuckoo” for him. Lakers fans did express strong feelings for Westbrook, but they weren’t typically positive ones.

And now, 12 months later, Westbrook wasn’t even mentioned by name as someone Jeanie is excited to watch this fall. Sure, it was one interview and a one-off question in said interview about the current Lakers. Also, most of the questions pertained to Legacy on Hulu, and this was one of the few inquiries not related to that.

But will that stop me from overreacting?

Well, this is a couple hundred words of proof that won’t be the case. Still, it feels noteworthy that the owner of the Lakers didn’t even include Russ among the things she’s most excited about seeing in the upcoming season.

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