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What does Russell Westbrook hiring a new agent mean for his chances at getting traded?

After a very public split from his agent, Russell Westbrook has replaced him with a legitimate power broker. How they choose to use that power will have immense impact on the Lakers moving forward.

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More than a month into one of the weirdest trade stalemates in recent memory, we are now left to wonder whether which agent Russell Westbrook hires might help the Lakers trade him. Welcome to August, everyone!

Now infamously, Westbrook’s former agent, Thad Foucher, let it be known to everyone that he advised his former client to try to make it work with the Lakers for a variety of, honestly, fair reasons.

Foucher, again, is no longer Westbrook’s agent.

So, if Westbrook disagreed so vehemently with his agent and believes an off-ball, defensive-minded role is beneath him, then it’s fair to wonder whether the new agent he hired will be working to improve the chances Westbrook gets moved whether by trade or via buyout.

Jeff Schwartz of Excel Sports is one of the league’s foremost power brokers. If it’s a buyout Westbrook is looking for right away, Schwartz has plenty of experience:

If Schwartz and Westbrook (like most everyone in the Lakers organization) believe a trade is best, then there are plenty of levers that can be pulled and more than enough pressure that can be applied. While the Lakers front office has continued to balk at moving both of their first rounders, yet another powerful voice in Rob Pelinka’s ear couldn’t possibly be a bad thing if a quick split is what you’re hoping for.

This week, in a live edition of the “Lakers Lounge,” Harrison Faigen and I discussed that, as well as other stories swirling around the Lakers, but not until we covered quite possibly the most important story of our collective lifetimes as Lakers fans: Which monster out there had the audacity to hack Jeanie Buss’ Twitter account?

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