A comlicated Kyrie trade

Based on what we know, Kyrie wants to go to LA, LeBrom wants him, no other team will trade for him.

Nets dont want Russ's deal on their cap sheet, they dont wanna tank, cuz HOU owns all their picks.

Only teams with meaningfull cap space are Detroit, SAS, Pacers. Lets focus on Indiana - they are not trying to be good now, and they've had Buddy and Turner on the trading block forever.

So, with all that the trade I propose is:

Lakers get - Kyrie, Joe Harris and Turner (+15mil in cap)

Pacers get - Russ, THT, 2029 top-5 protected LAL pick and 2023 PHI pick (which Nets got from PHI for Harden) (+18mil in cap)

Nets get - Buddy (-35mil in cap)

Lakers get a full starting 5 of Kyrie-Harris-Lebron-AD-Turner, but they have to agree to pay a veery big tax bill with taking on so much money

Nets get a huuge salary relief and a giant trade exception they can use later (maybe in a Durant deal), for which they give up a pick

Pacers get 2 picks and a project in THT for taking on Russ

I think there are a lot of reasons every team here says no, maybe you can tweak it here and there (maybe Nets want Reeves too, LAL wants Curry instead of Harris), but I think based on known intel this is the best compromise deal.

What do you think?

PS this trade works in the trade machine salary wise