Kyrie to LAL = Nets Squad

This is a basic framework from which there could be plenty of variations. I tried to post it on Nets Daily because it might affect them the most, but the site was trippin.

Lakers give up: 2027 1st, protected top 5, else 2029 unprotected.

And Westbrook.

Lakers get: Irving, Favors.

OKC gives up: SGA, Favors.

OKC gets: 2027 Lakers 1st, 2027 Philly 1st, Sharpe, Westbrook, 2027 Indiana 2nd.

Indiana gives up: Brogdon, Turner, 2027 2nd.

Indiana gets: SGA, Mills, Muscala.

Brooklyn gives up: Irving, Mills, Sharpe, 2027 Philly 1st.

Brooklyn gets: Brogdon, Turner.

Why the other teams would do it:

In OKC, they're gonna want like 2 more high natural 1sts for the rebuild. SGA is nigh unto allstardom; he would ruin that. If Russ comes and gloriously drags his ol' Thunder franchise into the playoffs like he did Washington, that would be great for them. And if he comes and there's another losing season and high pick, that would be great for them also. When Westbrook and Walker's money end in 2023, the Thunder would have $70-80 million cap space.

In Indiana, the perimeter would be epic with Haliburton and SGA Duarte, Mathurin, Mills, Hield. They give up no picks for a guy at SGA level and keep Goga and Ike J.

In Brooklyn, if Kyrie is leaving you want to balance the team better out of it all. A starting or closing 5 of Brogdon, J Harris, Durant, Simmons, Turner would be the favorite in the East with Seth, Cam, Edwards as shooters in many different positional orientations. Definitely a Nets Squad worth losing the actual trade per sé.