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‘Winning Time’ season two will begin filming this summer through spring 2023

Following a successful first season, HBO’s series on the Showtime Lakers, “Winning Time,” will begin filming its second season this summer, carrying over into 2023.

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The first season of “Winning Time” was one that certainly sparked a fair amount of controversy amongst most of its subjects. However, it was much more of a smashing success for fans, who nearly universally enjoyed the season.

The reception from fans helped lead to its renewal for a second season, one that writers anticipated even before it became official. John C. Reilly, who portrays Dr. Jerry Buss in the series, recently was the subject of a profile by Glenn Whipp of the LA Times in which it was revealed that the second season will begin filming this summer and carry over into next year.

“I’ve never meditated on a character for this length of time,” says Reilly, who’s gearing up for a second “Winning Time” season that will begin filming in late summer and continue through spring 2023. “What I connected with immediately was his unwillingness to listen to naysayers. I’m really like that. Ask my wife. My motto is ‘Worry is negative prayer.’ If you’re worrying, then you’re praying for the wrong thing to happen.”

The subject of that second season will be very interesting. As noted above, the writers began planning it well before news broke that there would even be a second season, So there’s an obvious plan in place by those writing the show, but it seems unlikely they’ll simply continue the chronological order the show had in the first season.

While the first season of the Showtime Era was chock absolutely full of built-in drama, The show was clearly setting up the Celtics as the main bad guys that they are during that first season. The problem is the eventual Finals showdown between the two sides didn’t come until 1983-84.

At the same time, the ascension of Pat Riley will be another topic the show will discuss as he eventually takes over in the 1980 season, but only after a Magic Johnson trade demand.

Obviously, there is plenty of meat still on the bone for the show to tackle and how they tackle it will be fascinating. But given how great the first season was, whatever is in store for the future should be exciting to see.

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