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Really, Lakers? Mark Jackson?

The Lakers absolutely have to nail their next head coach hire. Mark Jackson would be the opposite of that.

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It took approximately 43 seconds after the final buzzer rang on the Lakers’ season for the news to roll in that Frank Vogel would be let go of his head coaching position. Although the news itself was not that surprising given the countless reports throughout the year of Vogel being on the hot seat, it was instead the swiftness of the expected dismissal that turned heads and also led to a now-famous postgame comment from Vogel himself.

But in terms of who may be filling the vacancy, names have already begun to bubble to the surface when it comes to who the team may target, featuring such coaches like Nick Nurse, Quin Synder and Doc Rivers. On Tuesday, Sam Amick of The Athletic also reported that LeBron James would be “very enthused” by the prospect of Mark Jackson landing the job.

While the Lakers are still very much in the preliminary stages of the hiring process, it is worth keeping note of the names that are being mentioned, as well as those that players such like James are keen on, all of which brings us to today’s episode.

On this week’s edition of Talk-O-Tuesday, our hosts Alex Padilla and Alex Regla recapped Vogel’s firing, the latest head coach rumblings surrounding the team, as well as the most recent — and polarizing — betting odds on who may currently be in the lead for the spot:

The duo also discussed the potential qualities that the team may look for in their next hiring, how much James and Anthony Davis will factor in, as well as which names would excite them, and which would leave them feeling disappointed.

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