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What did we learn from Lakers exit interviews?

Exit interviews after a disappointing season are often enlightening beyond the quotes themselves. That was certainly the case on Monday, as the Lakers reacted to this disappointing season.

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Los Angeles Lakers Introduce Russell Westbrook Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Just about everyone associated with this Lakers season took questions about their roles in the disappointment on Monday. And, for the most part, those involved seemed to understand that contrition and accountability were supposed to be the themes of the day.

Rob Pelinka on multiple occasions said the Lakers fell well short of the fan base’s expectations. LeBron James said he assumes personal responsibility as the leader of the team. Hell, Mac MacClung took questions after playing in one game on a two-way contract signed in the last week of the season.

And then there was Russell Westbrook, who did... whatever he did.

This week on “The Anthony Irwin Show,” I was joined by Harrison Faigen to recap an interesting day on a variety of levels.

To start, we reacted to some of the over-the-top admonishment of how things ended between Frank Vogel and the Lakers. The whole thing was ridiculous, and obviously not a great look for the Lakers, but also acting as if Vogel was somehow blindsided by admittedly ill-timed reports of his firing is patently absurd.

We then turned our attention to Rob Pelinka’s comments about firing Vogel, and generally about this Lakers season. We found a couple things interesting here. First, Pelinka was about as combative as we have ever seen him in this position. Second, it was made absolutely clear that he is in charge of personnel decisions in ways we have not seen to this point.

Pelinka also specifically mentioned Joey and Jesse Buss in a way we haven’t heard to this point, so we reacted to what that might mean as well.

Then came time to discuss Westbrook who, as has been the case all year, was not all that interested in assigning himself blame for any of the team’s shortcomings. Going to be honest here. Not going to miss him for this exact reason. Well, that and the turnovers. And the defense. And the shooting. And... anyway.

We then wrapped things up with a quick conversation about what LeBron James had to say, and a few macro-level takeaways from the (long) day as a whole.

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