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Where do the Lakers and Russell Westbrook go from here?

Both organizationally — and now, it seems, emotionally — Russell Westbrook and the Lakers are ready for a split. How quickly and painlessly can that happen?

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Los Angeles Lakers v San Antonio Spurs Photos by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

As Russell Westbrook openly detailed what he and his family have experienced this year following the Lakers’ loss to the Spurs, one thing became crystal clear — this is a person who is not comfortable at his workplace. This is a person who is hurting.

Regardless if one is for or against the argument that criticism, boo’s and heckling are stitched into sports’ tapestry and “just part of the game,” Westbrook’s comments, if nothing else, ripped open a festering sore surrounding the team for the entire world to see. This is a tense, frustrated, and desperate group of individuals. A combination that rarely leads to success on or off the floor.

The team still has games left to play, and a play-in tournament spot they must cling onto if they want to keep their postseason hopes alive. But in order to move forward, the group and Westbrook both need to come to an understanding on what the best steps forward must be, whether that's both sides determining the best way to optimize his role, if he starts or comes off the bench, or if he simply needs time away from the team. But regardless of the decision, the conversation needs to happen, for everyone’s sake, which brings us to today’s episode.

On this edition of Talk-O-Tuesday, hosts Alex Padilla and Alex Regla discussed Westbrook’s postgame comments, what the team may and should do going forward with him, as well as giving a temperature check on the state of the club as they head into the final stretch of the season.

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