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A TikTok model is trying to recruit Myles Turner to the Lakers

The NBA trade deadline is on Thursday, but TikTok influencer @itspikaaaa is trying to get Myles Turner to the Lakers before then.

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Image via Itspikaaa on TikTok

The Lakers are reportedly “interested” in a dealing for Pacers center Myles Turner before Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline, and if that interest wasn’t mutual before Monday night, TikTok user Dipika Dutt is trying to change that.

It all started when Dutt — known as @Itspikaaa on TikTok, where she has 990.3K followers — asked Turner to “come to the Lakers.” The 25-year-old center replied back, asking Dutt to dinner:

Screenshot via TikTok

She replied back with a video — known as a “Stitch,” in TikTok parlance, or so much much cooler wife tells me — telling him she would go to dinner with him... when he was on the Lakers:


Reply to @original_turner is that a deal? #nba #lakers

♬ son original - nbia!

At this point, it’s not clear if Turner is more thirsty for companionship, or just to get to the Lakers. But he replied back with a counter-offer of his own, in which he mock dressed up for dinner — and showed off a horrifyingly dirty butter knife — before asking Dutt if 10,000 likes would be acceptable (but, hilariously, still posting the “dinner when you’re on the Lakers” part on his own feed).

“I ain’t never been afraid to shoot my shot,” Turner quipped, in the understatement of the century.


#stitch with @itspikaaaa Balls In Your Court ‍♂️

♬ original sound - Myles Turner

Dutt countered with a 20,000 like offer... which point Turner got CURRENT PACERS TEAMMATE MALCOLM BROGDON involved in his midseason tampering saga, countering one final time with an offer of 15,000 likes in exchange for a date:


Reply to @itspikaaaa My Point Guard Said 15k Can We Come To An Agrrement

♬ original sound - Myles Turner

And after Turner began getting roasted by internet users for the whole saga, he asked Ballsack Sports for tips on how to flirt better. Yes, that is a sentence I attended Cal State Fullerton to learn to write. I apologize to every professor I’ve ever had:

It’s unclear how we got to the point where the Lakers’ title hopes potentially hinged on a TikTok model half-jokingly seducing a 25-year-old center that is currently recovering from a foot injury to Los Angeles, but here we are. Unfortunately for Los Angeles, it appears that Turner may be primed to remain a Pacer after the team’s blockbuster Domantas Sabonis trade on Tuesday:

But anyway, Turner’s potential thirstiness for a Lakers trade — and other things — or not, I hope these crazy kids can figure something out. But if they can’t, maybe the Lakers can call up Dutt for some help on the buyout market. She averaged 2.5 points per game during her senior year in high school, per Max Preps.

People forget she was literally one BUCKET.

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