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How much longer will LeBron James be a Laker?

After his comments over recent days, is LeBron James’ time in Los Angeles on a rapidly-ticking clock now?

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

Always very purposeful with his comments, LeBron James has spent recent days making some very interesting comments. Whether it was praising general managers of other franchises or being part of a leak with Klutch Sports that detailed the agency’s anger with the front office over not trading Russell Westbrook and a pick for John Wall, there’s been a very specific type of message sent out by James and his camp.

On today’s episode of “Can U Dig It,” a podcast by the Silver Screen & Roll network, Christian and myself discuss James’ comments about Thunder general manager Sam Presti, Cavs general manager Koby Altman and, indirectly, Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka.

Before they do that, though, we discuss what was a truly fun All-Star game. Whether it was Steph Curry being a human blow torch, LeBron James ending the game in style or Chris Paul’s really bizarre decision to play while injured, there were plenty of talking points about the game afterward.

Then, we dive into a discussion about James’ comments and while they may not necessarily mean his days in Los Angeles are actually numbered in the long run. While it’s not all sunshine and rainbows right now, neither of us is willing to close the book on his time in L.A. either now or at the end of the contract with both of us seeing this as a potential ploy to put pressure on Rob Pelinka to fix things this summer.

The show wraps with us discussing James’ reiteration that he will finish his season by playing his final year with his son Bronny. That creates so many wild storylines for the 2024 draft ranging from where Bronny will be drafted now that he comes with a guarantee with his father as well as how teams will maneuver to try to secure the pair.

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And for a short-form recap pod, check out Lakers Lowdown, in which Anthony Irwin recaps the previous day’s news and gets you ready for the day ahead in LakerLand, every weekday morning on the Silver Screen & Roll Podcast feed.

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