A Multiverse of Lakers' Madness

Shameless rip offs aside, a few days of no action is as good a time as any to start pulling stuff out of my....Twitter feed. I've seen quite a few hypotheticals recently. Most are just plain silly but some are- intriguing.

What would you do in any (or all) of these cray cray scenarios?

The Offer You Can('t) Refuse

In this reality, you're the Lakers' GM. You're in your office playing solitaire when you get a call. An Eastern Conference GM wants AD & Russ and offers:

  • An all-star caliber starter over age 32
  • A highly rated but unproven prospect under age 24
  • 2 reliable if unremarkable rotation players between age 26-30
  • Draft capital (combination of multiple seconds and unprotected firsts)
  • A washed up former star with 3 years/$60m left on his contract for salary matching

Show Me Some (More) Money

In this reality, you're Russell Westbrook. The Lakers owe you about $60m for the rest of this season + next year's option. Your agent comes to you and says the Bulls want you but can only offer a minimum contract this season and $15m next year. The Lakers will buy you out for $30m.

BJ Jr and the Bear

In this reality, you're Lebron James. The Lakers have totally imploded and are in the lottery. They land the number 1 pick and draft Bronny. The Lakers are looking at a 7-10 year rebuild, and offer you 5 years @ $60m.

Back Up the Tonka Truck

In this reality, you're Jeanie Buss. The Lakers are currently valued at $5.5B and your family trust owns a 66% share of the team. You get a call from an eccentric, highly public billionaire, who wants to buy a 15% stake in the team from your Family Trust. She is willing to absorb the costs of bad contracts and luxury tax hits but will only value the team at $4B.