A smaller PatBev+Nunn+1 pick deal

Its been reported that LA is leaning towards a smaller scale trade with Pat Bev and Nunn, so I thought of this trade:

1) Lakers get wing depth and additional playmaking on the perimeter, while getting back a protected pick that can be used later.

2) Jazz turn Clarkson and a protected pick to a potentially very good 2029 pick from LA - if they dangle Clarkson on the market they wont get anything better than a lottery proteced pick for him

3) Suns get a wing who can actually play for them, as Crowder was sitting out and also save a ton of money (they are in the tax)

4) Spurs get a second round pick and Par Bev who can be flipped for another 2nb rounder later

All other players are included for salary relief purposes (Christie can be substituded for D.Jones after Dec 15)

What do you guys think?