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Another new chapter at Silver Screen and Roll

Like an interim head coach, my time at the helm of Silver Screen and Roll has come to a swift end.

Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Well, this is awkward.

Less than three weeks ago, I happily announced my new role at this site, what seemed like a logical continuation of all the various parts I’ve played at Silver Screen and Roll over the years. And after hopping around SB Nation like some sports blogger whac-a-mole (seriously, I’ve written for at least nine team sites on this network plus the dot com; my byline just keeps popping up), it did feel nice to land in one spot with my actual favorite team, the Lakers.

And everything I said during that intro post still feels true. When I started freelancing as a sports writer eight years ago, this exact role was my dream job.

The thing is, I’m not the same person I was eight years ago, for better or worse, and I don’t have the same career goals I did then. At a different time in my life, I could have seen myself staying here for a few more years. But instead, the very day I was re-introduced to SS&R as Editor-in-Chief, I was offered a new job that is almost perfect for what I hope the next phase in my career will be.

This means that as of Monday, I will no longer be working for SB Nation. Even though my entire professional writing career has been connected to this company, it’s time for something new. Unfortunately, I can’t share all the details yet, just know that I didn’t make this choice lightly — it’s hard to even write a full goodbye. I care a lot about the people who work here, and I trust that they’ll keep this community going just as they did before I embarked upon my Bernie Bickerstaff-length reign here.

SS&R is a gold mine of coverage for the Lakers. I have no doubt it will remain that way. For the first time in a very long time, I just won’t be a part of it.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my work at SS&R since I arrived here in 2014. Every opportunity I have gotten in my career has come because of what began on this site, and I am forever grateful to this community of fans for changing my life. I mean that with no hyperbole whatsoever.

Go Lakers.

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