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Anthony Davis and his teammates brought the goods at the Lakers Halloween party

With an off day on Halloween this year, Anthony Davis hosted a Halloween party for the Lakers that led to some great costumes from the team.

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Photo via Troy Brown Jr./Instagram Photo via Troy Brown Jr./Instagram

A very convenient off night as part of a multi-day break on Monday for the Lakers laid way for Anthony Davis to host a Halloween party for the team. Because of COVID and the schedule of the season being changed for a couple of years running, it’s been a while since the Lakers could show off some Halloween outfits.

On Wednesday, Juan Toscano-Anderson best summed up the party as only he could.

Because it’s 2022 and social media is such a massive part of day-to-day lives, we can see just about every costume the Lakers wore on the night. And, ironically, it was actually JTA who had one of the best costumes of the night as Joker.

Juan Toscano-Anderson/Instagram Juan Toscano-Anderson/Instagram

Kendrick Nunn went with the generic crazed inmate that you may or may not be able to buy on Amazon and still pulled it off.

Kendrick Nunn/Instagram Kendrick Nunn/Instagram

Patrick Beverley went with a unique one that you can pull off in Los Angeles this year and definitely not in Minnesota last year as a Baywatch lifeguard.

Lonnie Walker (on the right) and Wenyen Gabriel (on the left) also went with some more traditional costumes. Wenyen’s grim reaper outfit looks especially good, maybe because he’s so damn tall.

Lonnie Walker/Instagram Lonnie Walker/Instagram

Troy Brown Jr. gave everyone a glimpse of most of the rest of the costumes including Rich Paul, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. Props to Rich Paul on this one. No word if Adele was dressed up there as well.

There were no pictures of LeBron, who definitely is someone that has taken part in dressing up for Halloween before, leading one to believe he may not have been there. Clearly, he’s not bought into the team if he’s not attending Halloween parties. No, I’m not serious.

While JTA started off the costumes strong, AD is the pretty clear winner here as The Jackal from the 13 Ghosts movie. It’s also clear that AD threw one hell of a party. As JTA said, it pays to have rich friends.

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