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Anthony Davis says Aaron Rodgers slant pass gave him motivation for season-best night

After a near 40-point, 20-rebound performance to lead the Lakers to a win, Anthony Davis credited an Aaron Rodgers slant pass as the motivation for his season-best night.

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Brooklyn Nets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Anthony Davis was just like us on Sunday, watching the Packers and Cowboys on Sunday afternoon. Just like lots of people, he was hyped up when Aaron Rodgers came up big in overtime to lead the Packers — a team AD has long been an outspoke fan of — to a win.

But that’s where the similarities end between AD and everybody else. While others may have used all that energy to do housework or maybe workout, AD proceeded to use that motivation to nearly score 40 points and grab 20 rebounds in an NBA game.

Yes, really.

Following his 37-point, 18-rebound performance in a win over the Nets, AD credited Rodgers as his motivation for his performance.

“I was watching the Packers game before (our game) and Aaron Rodgers threw a slant to Allen Lazard and ran for like 40 yards and he flexed and all that,” Davis said. “Got me some motivation before the game. Just trying to dominate, be dominant knowing we had to get this win, especially with Bron out. A lot of the guys leaning on me to get the job done.”

The exact play AD is referencing was a 36-yard slant route from Rodgers to Lazard late in overtime to set up the game-winning field goal. Rodgers celebrated the play by racing down the field and celebrating, all while giving AD plenty of motivation.

AD has not hidden his fandom of the Packers throughout his years in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, there isn’t any sort of correlation between the Packers playing well or winning and his own play, and trust me, I have looked this up before as any self-respecting Journalist would.

Given the current state of the Lakers, though, fans will take anything that will motivate AD to play at a high level. On Sunday, he dominated an undersized Brooklyn team to the tune of 15-25 shooting from the field, 7-7 shooting from the free throw line and an absurd 10 offensive rebounds as part of his 18 in total.

There may not be any past connection between AD playing well when the Packers do, but based on a one-game sample size of Sunday, I’m willing to let this theory play out some more to help the Lakers rack up some wins. Because, clearly, AD comes into the game more hyped up after a win.

“It’s always a good day when the Packers win.”

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