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How would a Lakers-Grizzlies playoffs series go?

The Lakers haven’t looked particularly good against Memphis this year, but how different would things go in a playoff setting?

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Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

All meetings between the Memphis Grizzlies and Los Angeles Lakers this season are (mercifully) behind us. Memphis pretty soundly took care of business, winning three of the four games, and for the most part looked like the better team.

Circumstances matter, and injuries have to be taken into account, but, as they have been much of this year overall, Memphis has just plain been better.

So, to discuss where the two teams are at, look ahead to what they might look like in the postseason, marvel at Ja Morant doing incredible things, and honestly just because I enjoy his company, I welcomed Keith Parish of the “Fastbreak Breakfast” and “Grits & Grinds” podcasts.

We start, of course, with the burgeoning rivalry between the Grizzlies and Halsey. Because of course we do. Now, do either Keith or I have any idea who she is? Well, who’s to say. But we had some fun with it regardless.

Another rivalry that has popped out of nowhere has been between Silver Screen & Roll and that same Grizzlies fan base. For whatever reason, they’ve taken issue with us calling losses to Memphis embarrassing. In our own little way, we have some fun with those concerns, and took a closer look at a Memphis team I, quite frankly, would like the Lakers to avoid in the playoffs.

Keith is still a little nervous about playing against LeBron James and Anthony Davis in a seven-game series, but I think Memphis is just clearly the better team, and a series would only further prove that.

Finally, we wrapped up with some thoughts on youth sports, and the way referees are treated and I promise the segue is fairly natural.

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