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Wayne Ellington says it’s ‘unbelievable’ what LeBron James is doing at 37 years old

As LeBron James continues one of the best stretches of his career, even his teammate Wayne Ellington is amazed at what he’s been doing.

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Orlando Magic v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

As even he has marveled at on Instagram, LeBron James has had some incredible scoring stretches throughout his career. But the current one he’s on with the Lakers is one of his best ever. James has scored 30 points in 10 of the last 11 games, cleared 25 points in all 11 of those games, and has done it all almost entirely while playing the center position for the first extended time of his career.

After James’ 35-point, 9-rebound, 7-assist game on Sunday, teammate Wayne Ellington made it clear that it’s not just fans and outsiders marveling at The King’s recent production. His teammates have been wowed, too.

“Everything. I mean, he’s just showing us everything,” Ellington said. “He’s gotten hot from the three, he’s got in the lane, he’s played the 5, he’s picking and rolling, he’s picking and popping. Being a point guard, being a center, everything in-between. He’s done everything for our team so far this year.

“At 37, it’s unbelievable. Hats off to him, seriously. Whatever he’s doing, he needs to keep on doing.”

Over that 11-game span, James is averaging 34.2 points, 9.5 rebounds and 6.3 assists while shooting an absurd 56.7% from the field and 39.5% from the 3-point line. No one in the league is averaging more points than James over the last 11 games.

Of the 49 players with at least 150 field goals in that span, no one has a higher field goal percentage than James. While he doesn’t lead the way as a 3-point shooter over this stretch, given the preponderance of elite shooters in the league, he still ranks inside the top 20.

In short, there’s a very strong case that James has been the league’s best player for the last week or two. It’s been a stretch so good that it’s started to lift James into the MVP conversation despite the Lakers’ overall poor record relative to other candidates this season.

And, again, he’s done it while playing at center at 37 years old.

James has made a career of marvelous feats, and has long proven that nothing feels impossible for him. Even then, this latest run of games for James has an argument as his best individual stretch of games as a Laker, at least in the regular season. It’s a remarkable run that has everyone from teammates to fans wowed, and only continues to show how ageless he really is.

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