All-time Ultra-Small Ball (USMB) NBA team.

Recently in a thread Raison D’Basketball wrote that Kent Bazemore occasionally played as a 4 last season for the Golden State Warriors, and I replied that it was probably an ultra-small ball line-up after all, Bazemore is only 6’4". Later in the day, I amused myself about what would be the all-time best Ultra-Small Ball NBA team in my opinion. I arbitrarily established that no player could be taller than 6’5". Even if everything is relative regarding height, similarly to those minimum heigh bars encountered in amusement parks, for this small-ball exercise in mental futility, no one taller than 6’5" can play. Therefore, these players are my choice for the all-time USMB NBA team:


Center: Adrian Dantley 6’5"

Power Forward: David Thompson 6’4"

Small Forward: Steph Curry 6’3"

Shooting Guard: Nate "Tiny" Archibald 6’1" (???)

Point Guard: Calvin Murphy 5’9" (???)


Center: P.J. Tucker 6'5"

Power Forward: Pete Maravich 6’5"

Small Forward: Norm Nixon 6’2"

Small Guard: Gail Goodrich 6’1" (???)

Point Guard: Isaiah Thomas 5’9"

Heights information obtained from Basketball Reference.