Would Any 19-20 Lakers Make Today's Roster?

Yes, of course, but not all. This analysis is purely based on fit and not salary.

Danny Green would be the first to consider though he didn't quite consistently perform to top standards. Green's reliability and IQ on both ends still make him a top class 2-guard. He would be the first selection next to Westbrook.

KCP, Alex Caruso, and Avery Bradley would fit very well with this current squad because of their ability to monitor the perimeter, switch screens and outright play tough defense. This would be a great fit along with the older current players.

Quinn Cook, Dion Waiters, JR Smith, and Troy Daniels would't fit. Outside of a locker room presence, I don't see them offering much to the new purple and gold side.

Dwight found his way back for a third stint, but Javale Mcgee is a better fit than DeAndre Jordan. Mcgee isn't leaps and bounds away from Jordan, but he has more in his legs at this point in his career. I always thought Mcgee was a great lob catcher and shot-disruptor as well. Unless DJ finds the fountain of youth, he might not offer as much as on paper.

Jared Dudley, Antetokounmpo, and Kyle Kuzma wouldn't make it. Dudley literally hasn't and the Greek Forward still needs to develop his game and physical ability. Kuzma seems to deal with the mental game and it's no secret on the court. He's really an awesome talent when it's going well, but being stuffed behind another front line full of veterans might not go so well. I'm glad Kuzma is in D.C. now, I'm actually hoping for an early MIP campaign. I'll be watching Wizards games this year.

I'm a bit indifferent to Markieff Morris even though he has been clutch and filled starting position when called on. And obviously, THT stays.

I missed a couple players but most of the work is done. Ultimately, I like this new roster, and it's talented, but I love the championship team from two season ago. It's hard to replace guys like AC, KCP, and Kuzma who have been with the team through all the ups and downs, they'll be lakers for life and I'm never ruling out a return.