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Carmelo Anthony says the Lakers are laughing at people who doubt them because of their age

The question about the Lakers age isn’t going away no matter how the players answer it, so Carmelo Anthony has a new approach to the questions.

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Portland Trail Blazers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Carmelo Anthony’s full-court press media tour to promote his new book “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised” has included plenty of questions about the Lakers and, most notably, their age. It’s been one of the talking points of the team this offseason, an easy conclusion to come to after the host of veterans that joined this summer.

However, it’s a talking point that Anthony — and other Lakers — has certainly already grown not too fond of. An interview with Adam Caparell of Complex touched on a number of off-court topics related to Anthony’s new book eventually led to the topic of the Lakers age. Caparell, who admitted to being a “naysayer” who questioned how the Lakers roster would work over the long haul because of age, asked Anthony to tell him why he’s wrong.

To be honest, I think it’ll be too easy for you guys to be like, “Yeah, they’re going to be like this.” It’s too easy. You guys are baiting people to start a debate. It’s all about debate. We get it. We understand it. This is what you guys have to do. We understand that and we laugh at it and take it with a grain of salt and move on because everybody on the outside have their opinions about it and we’re the ones who know who we are. We know what we have to do. We know how we going to do it. Those are the things we have to deal with.

So it’s easy for the outsiders or naysayers to give their overall perspective and it’s very opinionated. And ya’ll should do that. [Laughs] You should do that because it bring more viewers and bring more eyeballs and bring more conversation and more anticipation. If and when it does happen, winning a championship, that’s the fun part.

There have been many approaches by the Lakers this offseason when answering questions about their age. Rajon Rondo chose the route of discussing the “wisdom” and “discipline” it will give the team. Trevor Ariza spun it as a positive, saying nothing will surprise the Lakers this year. LeBron James took the passivie-aggressive subtweeting and deleting route.

No matter how the Lakers have approached answering the question though, the overlying point is that the question isn’t going away. No matter how the question is answered, it persists and there really isn’t any answer that will make it go away.

In fact, even if the Lakers perform well this season, the questions will continue to persist about whether it’s sustainable. The only answers will come at the end of the season and will most likely be entirely results-based, fair or foul.

Until then, Anthony may have the best solution for the question in laughing it off as those questions aren’t going anywhere in the meantime.

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