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Aaron Larsuel, Anthony Irwin to co-host ‘The Hook,’ a national NBA show through the lens of the Lakers

Spend your Friday commutes with us as we take a look at everything going on around the NBA and how it impacts the Lakers.

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NBA: Sacramento Kings at Los Angeles Lakers Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

This week on “The Anthony Irwin Show,” we have some incredibly exciting news: We’re adding a show to the Silver Screen & Roll Podcast Feed. Every Friday afternoon on “The Hook,” Aaron Larsuel and I will be examining the NBA in a broader sense, while obviously still focusing on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Aaron has worked in multiple NBA front offices, and most recently was the co-host of “The Official Lakers Podcast.” He’s way smarter than me, and also doesn’t put up with my typical antics, so this show is sure to produce some fireworks week in, week out.

Every night, there is some new viral moment, some great matchup, some hilarity that needs some extra attention, and that’s what we’ll bring you, every Friday afternoon.

For me, it’s an opportunity to once again host a national NBA show, as I obviously departed such a show in order to take on the role I currently fill for this community. I cannot wait to give my thoughts on the entire NBA, given how fascinating this season is undoubtedly going to be.

For the audience, it’s an opportunity on Friday afternoons to either make your commute home that much more entertaining, or give you an excuse to take your mind off of the last couple hours of your work week. Either way, we all win.

You can listen to Aaron and I’s announcement and conversation about the news on the full episode of “The Anthony Irwin Show” below, and to make sure you never miss a show, subscribe to the Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Podcasts. You can follow Anthony and Aaron on Twitter at @AnthonyIrwinLA and AaronLarsuel.

And for a short-form recap pod, check out Lakers Lowdown, in which Anthony Irwin recaps the previous day’s news and gets you ready for the day ahead in LakerLand, every weekday morning on the Silver Screen & Roll Podcast feed.

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