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Podcast: No one wins in Anthony Davis, Dennis Schröder leaks

Dennis Schröder might have been difficult to play with, but leaks about just how awkward it was doesn’t work for anyone.

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It’s no secret at this point that the Los Angeles Lakers weren’t exactly thrilled with the Dennis Schröder experience. Nothing says that more clearly than the utter disregard they treated him with during free agency and anything beyond that feels like overkill.

So Tuesday’s report that Anthony Davis was frustrated with the polarizing point guard just comes off as cheap at this point, even if it makes sense that Davis would’ve been annoyed with Schröder’s approach.

This week on “I Love Basketball,” Sabreena Merchant and I discussed the various levels to this thoroughly September “controversy.”

Look, Schröder is about as disappointing — both on and off the court — a major pickup as the Lakers have had. He had bright spots, sure, but come the postseason, he was almost non-existent. That said, Davis was arguably just as frustrating last year, arriving to camp out of shape after the insanely short offseason.

Ideally, he would have stayed healthy and played himself into shape, but unfortunately, he got hurt and never had the chance to get anywhere near the levels he reached in the bubble the postseason prior. He played easily the least amount of center he’s ever played and those two issues compounded to make him about as ineffective as Davis will ever be.

So, to a certain extent, because of Davis’ own approach to playing last year and the way Schröder plays point guard, the combination was likely doomed from the get-go.

Given these leaks and what we know about how the Lakers’ decision-making process works (Rob Pelinka has said on multiple occasions that he works heavily with LeBron James and Davis), it isn’t at all shocking to find out the Lakers were never particularly interested in bringing Schröder back. That, in and of itself, is statement enough.

Sabreena and I discuss this, as well as how Rondo will serve as point guard insurance, and how funny it would be to see Rondo crapping in Steve Balmer’s bed. Yeah, you read that right.

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