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Did we accidentally piss off LeBron James and inspire a deleted subtweet and possible Lakers championship?

Maybe, or maybe not. But either way, if the Lakers win it all this year, you should credit us. Well, us and LeBron.

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2021 NBA Playoffs - Phoenix Suns v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

A little over two years ago, our own Anthony Irwin sent a tweet about LeBron James that may have inadvertently helped inspire a killer offseason and revenge tour that resulted in a 2020 championship:

Now, beyond that being a historically atrocious tweet and arguably the dumbest take Anthony has ever had, it may have been literally the only social media post calling him washed at the time.

Why is that relevant? Well, because of the phrasing LeBron used to describe himself the whole next year:

Now, far be it from me to credit anyone named Anthony for that championship other than Davis, but still, our own resident hot take artist may have played a small role in at least inspiring an all-time hilarious, self-given nickname.

Why is that relevant today? Well, because we may have accidentally done it again. Let me explain.

Yesterday, our own Darius Soriano — maybe the literal blogging opposite of Anthony in his calm demeanor and nuanced perspective — published a story for us on the pluses and minuses of the Lakers potentially being one of the oldest NBA teams we’ve ever seen.

Now, we were far from the first to point out the Lakers’ advancing age, but just a few hours later, LeBron tweeted and deleted the post below twice, adding a seeming reference to people talking about Davis’ injury history the second time he sent it out before deleting it again:

Now, did Darius’ blog inspire LeBron’s tweet? To paraphrase him, maybe yes, or maybe no.

But if the Lakers do win it all again, don’t say that we never do anything for you all. We may have just started the receipts folder to motivate another title.

You’re welcome everyone.

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