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Podcast: Will this finally be the year the Lakers and Warriors meet in the playoffs?

For some reason, the Lakers and Warriors aren’t allowed to both be good at the same time. Will this be the year that trend falls flat?

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Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers - Play-In Tournament Photo by Jim Poorten/NBAE via Getty Images

Harrison is off somewhere learning to vacation properly so this week, I replaced him with Sam Esfandiari of “The Lightyears Podcast.” For whatever reason, the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors have never really been good at the same time. It doesn’t help that consistent competence is a very new concept to Golden State, but still.

So, to start this really fun episode, Sam and I marvel at just how little overlap there is with each franchise’s best moments. We have had a handful of conversations over this might finally be the first time the Warriors and Lakers factor into the title conversation in the same season.

The notion of Golden State and L.A. both being good is obviously exciting for a variety of reasons, but for both Sam and I, the idea of clashing styles at the top of the sport is something that has become too rare for our liking. The Warriors and Lakers are almost exact opposites of each other in how they try to dominate their opponents, something that could lend itself to some incredible matchups if everyone is healthy.

After some thoughts on Warrior-turned-Laker Kent Bazemore and how Sam think he’ll fare given what he saw from Baze on the Warriors last season, we turn our attention back to the more key figures in a Lakers-Warriors matchup.

What happened to Draymond Green’s offense?

When might Klay Thompson be healthy?

What does Russell Westbrook add to this mini rivalry?

Can this grow from the mini rivalry it is right now to something more legitimate given all the factors at play between the Bar Area and L.A.?

All that and plenty more.

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