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Podcast: What it was like to be on the receiving end of Kobe Bryant giving “The Kobe Stopper” buckets

Ruben Patterson once dubbed himself the “Kobe Stopper.” And then...

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Kobe Bryant drives Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

Aaron Larsuel has quickly become a great friend of the show, the Silver Screen & Roll podcast feed and just in general. He hopped back on “The Anthony Irwin Show” this week to discuss the offseason that the Los Angeles Lakers just had, both in regards to the Russell Westbrook trade and the moves that came afterward.

But what you’re really going to want to hear is his story of that time Kobe Bryant gave Ruben Patterson bucket after bucket after bucket after... well you get my point. More on that later, though.

What Lakers fans will really want to take away from this podcast (other than Kobe being a bad MFer, obviously) is that the Alex Caruso will not be an indication of the Lakers spending moving forward. Yes, he was a tax sacrifice this year, and per Aaron, the Lakers did not enjoy making that decision, but this was more a reflection on the tough stretch the organization just went through than it is a statement on their spending practices moving forward.

Obviously, this remains to be proven in future years when revenues are back up, but this was at least what we’d want to hear right now until those words can be backed up.

Once Aaron and I discuss that, we give our thoughts on the fit between LeBron James and Westbrook, whether Anthony Davis is actually the most important Laker this season, and much more. Then we get to the good stuff.

Seeing as Monday was Kobe’s birthday and Tuesday is “Mamba Day,” what better way to remember him as a player than to look back on those times he made the entire Portland Trail Blazers organization regret Patterson’s hilarious nickname.

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