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Podcast: What role will Russell Westbrook accept alongside LeBron James?

Russell Westbrook had some success next to James Harden. Can that be replicated with LeBron James now that they’ve joined forces on the Lakers?

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With mere hours to go before free agency officially begins, I find myself slowly coming around to the Russell Westbrook trade. I’ve at least reached the point of acceptance without immediately wanting to throw something across the room. Progress!

Now that I have reached that important milestone, I wanted to talk to someone whose favorite team had to learn to grow with Westbrook on it, and who better to do that with than a Washington Wizards fan. This week on “The Anthony Irwin Show,” I brought Michael Sykes of For The Win to discuss Westbrook, the lead-up to the trade, how he thinks Westbrook might work with LeBron James, and just in general what it was like to root for a Westbrook team.

Let’s start with what last season was like.

According to Sykes, it was, well, an experience — which is honestly par for the course with Westbrook, seemingly. On one hand, he can be absolutely dominating and exhilarating to watch play basketball. On the other, he’ll do some of the craziest things you’ll see on a basketball court that make you wonder what he was even trying to accomplish.

We discussed that dynamic, the fit with James, Russ stans vs. LeBron stans, shoes, and that time Dwight Howard almost knocked him out trying to eurostep through a scrum.

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