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NBA 2K completely DISRESPECTED LeBron James

How could NBA 2K do this to The King?

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Image courtesy of NBA 2K

The motivation just keeps rising for LeBron James and the Lakers. First, everyone was calling them old. Now, NBA 2K dropped some of their player ratings for the newest version of the game, and let’s just say LeBron does not agree with how they graded things.

How could they make his favorite player, Stephen Curry, less than a 99?

What? You thought this was going to be about something else? Oh, sorry. That’s totally my bad.

But in all seriousness, I’m not going to sit here and get mad about video game skill ratings from people so afraid of getting roasted by some group of Stans online that they made LeBron, Steph, Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo a four-way tie for the top overall score (96), and you shouldn’t either.

I mean, does anyone actually think those four players are all EXACTLY as good as one another? We all have some way we’d prioritize or rank them in our head, right? Getting mad about this stuff just gives them what they want: Attention and debates that hopefully help them sell some copies of the latest re-skin of their basketball simulator. Don’t fall into the trap.

Actually, wait... They left Anthony Davis out of the top 10 in overall ratings??? Never mind. I’m setting my PS5 on fire in protest. This is absolutely preposterous.

LeBron, if you’re reading this, we need to you to log back in and call them out on Twitter again. We gotta get this fixed. Just an almost unbelievable continuation of disrespect for Davis that I’m obviously very genuinely angry about and in no way just using to help me hit my word count for this post.

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