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Kings, Wizards reportedly uninterested in Dennis Schröder, likely ruling out Buddy Hield trade

Despite a fan-driven theory of a potential three-team trade to land Buddy Hield and Russell Westbrook, the Kings and Wizards are reportedly uninterested in Schröder, likely nixing the possibility.

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Los Angeles Lakers v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

The unexpected nature of the Russell Westbrook trade caused a ripple effect for not just the Lakers but across the league as well. On top of reportedly leaving those involved in the trade for Buddy Hield “blindsided,” the plans for the Lakers’ trio of point guards entering the free agent market changed as well.

Specifically speaking, Dennis Schröder will be forced into a drastically different approach. Unable to create any leverage with the Lakers now, Schröder is facing an even more uphill challenge of finding a lucrative offer this offseason.

One fan-driven theory of a way to generate a landing spot for Schröder while also completing the Hield trade involved Schröder being included in the trade for Westbrook while re-routing the likes of Kyle Kuzma and/or Montrezl Harrell to Sacramento to complete that end of the trade.

However, Zach Lowe of ESPN nixed that possibility by revealing neither the Wizards nor Kings had interest in Schröder:

There is some beautiful-mind framework in which the Lakers might still sign-and-trade Schroder and acquire Hield. It’s just hard to find it. The Wizards and Kings don’t want Schroder, sources said. The Lakers would need a fourth team that does, with assets the Kings want.

The Kings have no need for Schröder with De’Aaron Fox, Tyrese Haliburton and newly-drafted Davion Mitchell on the roster. While Washington has more holes in their roster, landing Aaron Holiday in a trade on draft night seems like the likely solution to their problems.

It’s also remarkably unlikely with each passing day that Schröder is included in a three-team deal already, another theory from fans. In a social media-heavy world with everyone trying to get the scoop on breaking news, it’s hard to imagine not one person in either the Lakers, Kings or Wizards front office leaking that Schröder was a part of the deal.

The likely outcome is that the Westbrook deal is done and the Lakers and Schröder will look elsewhere to find a potential sign-and-trade deal. With a free agent market overrun with point guards and few teams both with cap space and in search of one, Schröder’s market is as volatile as any point guard.

However, that still does not add up to his inclusion into the deal, which should effectively end the hopes of Hield wearing purple and gold next season.

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