Hield is still an OUTSIDE possibility

Hield wants out, Kings want Kuz & Harrell... trade can be restructured - becomes complex with a 4th team w/ cap space taking Schroeder in Sign & Trade - like NY

WASH gets THT, KCP & #1 - WASH needs a PG, they only have Holiday, I'm guessing they'd want THT over Kuz/Harrell
Sends Russ to LA

KINGS get KUZ, HARRELL, (2) #2s from LA
Send Hield to LA

Send KCP, Kuz, Harrell, THT, Schroeder ~65M

NY or whoever wants Schroeder exchanges #2 picks and gets cash from LA to give LA extra cap space

Hate giving up THT as well - but LA needs an elite 3pt shooter starting at SG