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Andre Drummond says he criticized Frank Vogel on Instagram to promote his NFT collection

Andre Drummond is apparently a marketing genius.

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Utah Jazz v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Andre Drummond caused quite a stir on social media on Tuesday. In a reply to a fan on Instagram, Drummond said that he would have “dominated” the paint for the Lakers if Frank Vogel played him more.

Drummond then used the attention he got from that reply to promote an NFT collection that he’s dropping on Friday, as well as a pair of “Kareem Abdul-Drummond” shirts that were inspired by a tweet from Skip Bayless. No, seriously: this all happened.

At the time, it seemed like Drummond was just capitalizing on the attention he was getting on social media, and while that may have been the case, Drummond said that everything from the reply to the fan on Instagram was all part of his plan to promote his NFT collection (via ESPN’s “The Jump”):

“It wasn’t an issue to begin with. I used that to ... I’m actually launching an NFT on Friday, so that was just to get everyone’s attention. It was very strategic, I just did what I needed to. I got the attention and now I’m talking to you guys so I can talk about it more.”

Drummond added that he had an overall positive experience with the Lakers:

“I enjoyed myself. I think my time and experience in L.A. has been really good. I think I’ve learned a lot being with those guys, LeBron James and Anthony Davis ... I’m just looking forward to what’s next.”

So, no harm, no foul, I guess?

In all seriousness, Drummond’s attitude towards this situation, while benevolent, seems to indicate that his time in Los Angeles is over. That could have been assumed because of how limited the Lakers will be with the money they can offer him in free agency, but the more that he talks about his Lakers career retrospectively, the more obvious it seems that he has one, if not both feet, out of the door.

And if that’s not the case, I hope Vogel has a good sense of humor and/or a profound respect for the NFT market.

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