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Lakers Season In Review: Damian Jones

Come back. Please.

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Atlanta Hawks v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to our annual Lakers season in review series, where we’ll be taking a look back at every player on the team’s roster this season, evaluating their play, and deciding if they should be a part of the organization’s future. Today, we take a closer look at Damian Jones.

How did he play?

Damian Jones’ departure is unquestionably the difference between winning the championship this year and exiting in the first round after barely making the playoffs in the first place.

The six-(or-so)-time winner of the Michelob Ultra Player of The Week and only Laker to ever win the award was the best thing to happen to the team this season. You know what? This is probably still selling him short.

In those eight glorious games, Jones shot 94.1% from the field. NINETY. FOUR. POINT. ONE. PERCENT.

We don’t have to get into how many shots he actually attempted or how many points, rebounds or blocks he averaged, but suffice it to say that had team politics not been such a rampant disease on this year’s Lakers, Jones would have been up for less-prestigious awards than the Michies like MVP, DPOY, Sixth Man, Nobel, etc.

What is his contract situation moving forward?

Because the Lakers were foolish enough to let Jones walk after the two greatest 10-day contracts in the history of the NBA and contracts in general, he wound up on the Sacramento Kings, who valued him properly and not only locked up him for the rest of last season, but next season as well.

You realize how bad a season you had if the Sacramento Kings are taking advantage of your mistakes? Honestly, heads should roll.

Should he be back?

Duh. Honestly, an Anthony Davis-for-Jones trade shouldn’t be off the table. At least Jones welcomes playing his best position.

Editor’s Note: I am praying that all of the above this was satire, but I honestly don’t know.

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