The Los Angeles Lakers Offseason Outlook

So, the Lakers have a problem. Not a big problem, sure, but a problem nonetheless. They don't have any cap space entering this offseason (the projected salary cap is $112.3 million and the Lakers have about $115 million committed in guaranteed salaries, factoring in LeBron, AD, Kuzma, KCP, Gasol, 22nd Pick, McKinnie, and Deng's dead salary that is literally dead weight right now). So, yeah, this team definately isn't getting better through acquiring big time free agents unless it's through sign & trade, which creates a whole other flux of problems that I could list here but I won't. There's also alot of noise about the Lakers looking to grab someone like Lowry or DeRozan. In my opinion, not happening. I like those guys, especially Lowry, but the cost doesn't equal the value. In reality, it's more likely the Lakers do exactly as they said: Re-sign most of their key free agents (Schroder, Caruso, Horton-Tucker, and of course Dudley) and bring in some shooting. It's the most sensible option (but probably least exciting). Of course, the Lakers could try to acquire a player like "Dame Time" Damian Lillard or Bradley "Buckets" Beal but with limited trade assets (in the eyes of the world but maybe not Lakers fanatics), let's not get our hopes up, okay? This team can win a championship with the current core. They have LeBron freaking James and Anthony freaking Davis lol. All that matters is great health and great chemistry. And shooting. Lots of shooting.