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Andre Drummond imitating LeBron James as he destroys Jae Crowder is the most hilariously disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen

It’s safe to say that Andre Drummond is enjoying his first taste of winning in the playoffs, even if he’s just watching LeBron James light up Jae Crowder from the bench.

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As LeBron James called for approximately 943 straight isolations on Jae Crowder last night, absolutely determined to clown the Phoenix Suns defensive specialist in front of a national television audience as the Lakers built their Game 3 lead, those with eagle eyes may have noticed something even funnier than James’ casual flaming of Crowder going on behind him: Andre Drummond, having maybe the most fun of his entire NBA career while getting his second-ever playoff win.

As James isolated on Crowder again and again, Drummond could be seen pantomiming James’ moves behind him, like an overeager child pretending to work next to their parent. It is not hyperbole to say it might be the hardest I’ve ever laughed while watching a Lakers game:

I mean, just look at Drummond’s face. This is incredible:

And it lead to some even more incredible memes featuring the man LeBron recently dubbed “Drum Dog Millionaire.”

We also had a ton of fun laughing about it on our latest podcast:

If you’re Jae Crowder... I have no idea how you don’t retire after this. You’re supposed to be the team’s best defender and LeBron is repeatedly calling for isos as all of his teammates roast you from the bench? Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising Crowder was later ejected for tag-teaming with Devin Booker to toss Dennis Schröder to the ground in frustration.

Hopefully this doesn’t escalate into more dirty play, but for now, it’s way more fun to focus on just how much joy the Lakers showed during that stretch. Just like this team needed a big win in Game 2 to get on the same page, they also just clearly were starved for some of the on-court fun they’ve been missing during this mostly joyless season. In Game 3, they got their fill and then some.

So after all this, we can all debate about Drummond’s value, where he fits best, how good he actually is and more until the cows come home, but one thing is not up for debate: He is the heir to Robert Sacre’s throne as the resident Lakers bench celebration maestro. What an astounding performance from The Big Penguin.

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