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Why I re-joined Silver Screen and Roll

After some time away, I’m coming back to Silver Screen and Roll for the perfect opportunity.

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In order to pull me away from a show that I built from the ground up — with help, obviously; more on that in a bit — the opportunity had to be pretty perfect. Thanks to the good people at SB Nation, such a job came along, and now I’m officially back at a community I have sincerely missed.

Let’s start with why I left “Locked On Lakers,” a show I will forever hold dear to my heart. In short, it was the overwhelming belief Justin Bopp, Michael Kist and some guy named Harrison Faigen (love you, bud) had in me.

This isn’t to say David Locke didn’t — he gave me my first shot. But the commitment being made here to my vision for what a Lakers podcast feed could be and how much I missed this community is what drew me back. After a few conversations with those guys, it was only a matter of time before coming back to the site where it all really started for me was all I could think about.

Enough about me, though. You’re probably wondering what this means for your content. Well, it’s pretty insane.

So what’s changing?

“Locked On Lakers” gave me the ability to become a part of your daily routine. I can’t tell you how many people reached out and said I made their commutes just a little less awful. As someone who has commuted in Southern California before, this is the best compliment I’ve ever received.

This is the biggest change to the feed. I’ll be launching a new, daily show called “Lakers Lowdown.” It will be a daily fix of what you need to know about the Lakers, all wrapped up in a quick, 10-minute podcast every weekday morning.

Oh, and because this is the Lakers, the news never stops. So when big news breaks, this will be where you can go for immediate reaction. It will still be available on the normal, Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed I hope you already subscribe to.

I’m also hoping to start engaging with all of you on Locker Room again in the near future, but more on that to come.

What’s staying the same?

If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. And Silver Screen and Roll is already home to a handful of legitimately great Lakers podcasts. So why reinvent the wheel here? All your favorite current hosts are sticking around in their current roles to maintain the momentum they’ve already generated.

Can You Dig It: Christian Rivas and Jacob Rude will continue their show.

Talk-O Tuesday: Alex’s Padilla and Regla are sticking around with their uber-smart take on the Lakers.

I Love Basketball: Sabreena Merchant and Jas Kang are going to pair up on a weekly basis with knowledge all over the West Coast.

Lakers Lounge: Harrison Faigen and I will get together on a weekly basis to send you into the weekend with a lighter podcast.

/counts fingers... we’re one short

The Anthony Irwin Show: Every week, I’m going to bring in an assortment of guests and ride the conversation wherever it takes us. No one will believe me but this wasn’t my title idea, I swear (Editor’s Note: Sure, Anthony. Sure).

All that said, this is a dream come true. I remain truly humbled by the belief SB Nation has in me.

In summary, there are some pretty incredible things coming to Silver Screen and Roll. What Harrison and the staff have done for written coverage of the Lakers, I hope to add to it with audio and potentially video content (more on that soon).

Again, I want to thank David Locke for his initial belief in me and all the listeners who made “Locked on Lakers” what it became. Those looking for hard feelings or juicy gossip in that regard aren’t going to find anything.

This was just too incredible an opportunity to pass up, both in regards to what this means for my family, but also given what this super-talented team can achieve, and the way SB Nation is throwing its support behind me creatively. Let’s get it.

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