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Sources: Silver Screen and Roll lands Lakers podcaster Anthony Irwin

The most famous Lakers podcaster not named Vivien is heading to Silver Screen and Roll.

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Following weeks of meetings with prospective suitors and a rejection of multiple offers from major media companies, podcasting free agent Anthony Irwin has agreed to a “lucrative,” multi-podcast deal with Silver Screen and Roll, sources tell SB Nation.

Irwin, the star of “The Last Prance” documentary who was described by multiple insiders in text messages as “easily a top-200 Lakers podcaster on the market right now” and “who?” will now oversee the entire Silver Screen and Roll podcast feed. In addition, Irwin will host multiple shows per week and launch a new, interview-focused weekly series called “Anthony Irwin Show,” sources tell SB Nation.

Sources also said that naming the podcast after himself was in no way whatsoever his call and was actually the idea of others in SB Nation.

“No one will believe this, but I, err, Anthony didn’t want to name it after himself,” sources said.

Sources say that Irwin, a fiery personality with a history of irritating nearly every other co-worker he has ever worked with, has expressed contrition for his previous horrible takes and is ready to turn over a new leaf. He is also in the best shape of his life and has put on 15 pounds of muscle in preparation for his podcasting comeback, sources say.

Sources relay that Irwin won management over with a strong presentation that included what sources described as “multiple” Powerpoint slides and a seemingly sincere willingness to learn how to upload and edit podcasts on his own. And after several weeks at home just incessantly repeating his NBA takes to his dog and infant daughter, sources say that Irwin’s family is thrilled about his new destination.

“We just need him to have something to do again, please. I can’t deal with him asking me ‘what NBA skill does Andre Drummond have?’ while I’m trying to make dinner anymore,” a source in Irwin’s camp said.

Irwin is expected to get to work immediately to reinforce Silver Screen and Roll for what sources hope is a strong postseason run.

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