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Dennis Schröder replies ‘Nets in four my ass’ to Twitch commenter

Dennis Schröder is an internet legend.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

On Thursday, while discussing his new Call of Duty commercial, we covered how some of the best moments of the time Dennis Schröder has spent with the Lakers have come while he was streaming with fans on Twitch.

Well, add another one to the pantheon, because Schröder did not mince words when a commenter on his latest stream predicted that the Brooklyn Nets would sweep the Lakers in a hypothetical 2021 NBA Finals matchup between the two contenders:

“My boy said in the chat ‘Nets in four.’ I told him ‘Nets if four my ass.’”

Now, a lot of people are going to take this as just the perpetually competitive and candid Schröder being as unfiltered as ever, but what if this goes deeper than that? What if this is just part of Schröder’s plot to alpha Kevin Durant, and by extension, the Nets?

Sound convoluted? That’s because it is, but stay with me here.

Where is Durant the strongest? For those of you answering “on a superteam,” congrats on being wrong. Where Durant is really on his home turf is not when he’s trying to stack the championship odds ever in his favor, but when he’s on the internet. We’re talking about a man that has more tweets than career points in the NBA.

So how do you beat the undisputed king of NBA Twitter? Simple: You siphon his power away where he is strongest. By making viral moments with his social media interactions, whether it’s while on Twitch, or by telling his fans in his Instagram comments that he won’t sign an extension with the Lakers, Schröder is clearly coming for Durant’s throne as the most publicly accessible NBA player. And if being the most online rich person on the planet is truly the source of Durant’s power, Schröder could be about to tilt the balance of power in a potential Lakers vs. Nets Finals if his plan works.

Now THAT’S tuff.

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