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Paul George responds to Jared Dudley calling him out in new book

Clippers guard Paul George is confused as to why Jared Dudley and the Lakers would have thought he was talking too much trash for a player of his stature.

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Denver Nuggets v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Seven Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

In a memorable section of his new book that made waves on social media after it was published on this website on Wednesday, veteran forward Jared Dudley explained why the Los Angeles Lakers took such exception to the Clippers — and Paul George in particular — during the NBA Bubble.

“We think it’s disrespectful for Paul George, who hasn’t won, to put himself on the level of Bron and AD. This motivates us,” Dudley and his co-author, Carvell Wallace, wrote in the Kindle book, “Inside the NBA Bubble: A Championship Season under Quarantine.”

The comments were the topic-du-jour on NBA Twitter for the day, and just about everyone had an opinion on them. And by the evening, they had made it to George himself, who was asked to comment after the Clippers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday.

Funnily enough, “God bless Jared Dudley” was also my reaction when I read that passage, albeit maybe for different reasons.

But don’t worry Paul. We here at Silver Screen and Roll have a passion for service journalism, and so we put together a short list with a few of the reasons why NBA players like to throw your name in stuff.

As far as the Lakers go, I’d say this is likely what Dudley was referencing specifically.

A small thing? Perhaps, but as Dudley said today, NBA players look for motivation wherever they can find it.

As far as why guys in the NBA as a whole would feel comfortable taking shots at you, well, there is the fact that you’ve come out on the losing end of pretty much every feud you’ve had with anyone in the league.

For example, there was this:

Which you chose to respond to by saying this corny shit, for some reason:

And then there was this evisceration, right before your Clippers blew a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals:

There was also, you know, the whole “blowing a 3-1 lead in the Western Conference Semifinals culminating in this horrendous shot” thing:

So those are probably why your name keeps coming up, I’d say. So hopefully this helps, and yes, God bless Jared Dudley for another fun day on NBA Twitter.

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