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Fan Forum: Join Silver Screen and Roll on Locker Room

We want to hear your thoughts about the Lakers on Locker Room.

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Miami Heat v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images

Over the past several years, this site’s community has helped us get a few exciting things off of the ground, including the Silver Screen and Roll podcast network. Today, we’re hoping to continue the evolution of our Lakers community through an app called Locker Room.

What is Locker Room?

Locker Room is an app that allows us to create live conversations with fans and experts from around the NBA. It also has a chat section where people can talk amongst themselves during the conversation, or ask questions for the hosts of the room.

Why should I join?

Locker Room allows us to answer your questions about the Lakers in a way that’s more instantaneous than a post on the site or a podcast, although we do plan on using Locker Room for segments on the podcast network eventually. It also allows us to have fun, two-way conversations with our community in a way that we haven’t really been able to before now.

When can we expect these conversations?

That’s the one thing we’re still trying to nail down, but generally speaking, you can expect them after big games (think Clippers and Nets) or after breaking news like a signing or a trade.

Our first Fan Forum will be tonight, Feb. 24, immediately following the Lakers’ game against the Utah Jazz. We’ll be talking about the state of the team and their two vacant roster spots, which can now be filled using the pro-rated veteran’s minimum exception.

How do I join Locker Room?

From there, you’ll be able to request to speak to our hosts live or talk to them in the chat. Tonight, our room will be titled “Who should the Lakers sign with their final two roster spots?” and it will be hosted by Christian Rivas (@RadRivas).

Given the short notice, we don’t expect all of you to be in there tonight, but we hope to see more of you in the coming weeks. As always, thank you for support, and go Lakers.

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