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Podcast: The Lakers deserve this fan base’s ire after another embarrassing loss

Lakers fans can be patient about most things, except apathy.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Memphis Grizzlies Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Another night, another loss to add to the list of those competing for worst defeat of the season. It’s probably not a great sign for the 2021-22 campaign that there are far more games you could name for most embarrassing than those you’d list as most fulfilling victory. For that, among many other reasons, it seems the fan base is starting to turn on this Los Angeles Lakers group.

Following a thorough ass-kicking at the hands of a Memphis Grizzlies team playing without Ja Morant and Dillon Brooks, Harrison Faigen and I sat out to decipher what exactly it is about this Lakers team that has the fan base so irritated. The list is long.

We could point to the sense of entitlement a group of future Hall of Famers have shown towards a regular season for simply daring to exist before they are anointed champions. Or one might get annoyed by an operationally ambiguous organization that seems at times more focused on plausible deniability than productivity. Maybe it’s a couple superstars who appear to have given up on a championship head coach — albeit a frustratingly dogmatic one.

Is all of the above an option?

Harrison and I have been doing this a long enough time to marvel at the level of contempt readers and listeners seem to have for this team. Yes, they’re pulling for everyone to figure things out and make us look stupid for doubting, but this is far and away the loudest and fastest we’ve seen the goodwill that came from a championship disappear. This is fascinating in its own right.

So this week in “The Lakers Lounge,” Harrison and I discussed all that, why he thought they were going to lose heading into this game, and where the Lakers go from here.

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