Looking Forward--No Tears Edition

The sky is not falling.

Bottom line, Lakers are going to wait to see how this current group looks when they are all healthy. The only movable pieces are THT and Nunn but even those are doubtful until everyone is healthy unless we can score a stud for them. Nunn could be better than most of the options of the table by himself, and with such a small contract. THT could be the only real player on the table. Westbrook could be on the table but nobody wants him with that hefty contract, and I understand why.
Manly Johnson was a super mid season pick up. He fills many needs of our team. But when Ariza comes back Johnson goes into the 9th/10th rotational spot.
Lakers could have won it all last year if AD wasn't hurt. They did win it all the year before. Shaq or Kobe-less Lakers are not champs, Magic or Kareem less Lakers are not champs. Yes AD came into the season and obviously didn't put in the work this summer, he decided to put on weight not work on his game, true, but he is still key to our present and future. We have the big three we have for the next two years, like it or not, so the best thing we can do now is figure this thing out.
line has not even had a chance to play one game together
Solid second/third unit.
We need to get back to focusing on D. Should AB start when everyone is healthy and Move Monk to second unit? Is Johnson's d and adult body with second unit better than Reeves better jumper and mind? Can THT or Baze salvage this season?
As long as we are in striking position nothing matters before the All-Star break.
Heads up Laker fans.